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Hi my name is Mark, I've been an Erasure fan for many years and have had some wonderful Experiences, from being Andy Bell's stand in for the video "Fingers & Thumbs" (crane shots) which was filmed over two nights in the Docklands area of London, there were other Erasure fans there too, was good to meet up with old friends, all the crew were really nice and we were well looked after by the E.I.S, for those of you who don't know that's the "Erasure Information Service" that's how we knew about the video shoot.

I also used to be in an "Erasure Tribute Band", I played the part of Andy Bell and my friend played the part of Vince Clarke. When we first started we went under the name of "Blue Savannah" then changed to "Rasure", which sounded more the part. I arranged all the songs myself using an Amiga 1200 running Music-X 2.0 and various sound modules. We played many venues' including the Chicago Rock Café, which was a great gig.

If you would like to hear me sing please visit the download page.

I've changed most of the songs to midi files which you can get from the midi files page. I've done my best in converting them to suit most computer sound cards.

I've also developed psychic and mediumistic skills (which we can all do) if you would like to know more about this then feel free to visit my other site….

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Me & Andy
Me & Vince
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Me With Crane Harness
After Stand In Shots With Andy