Erasure History

It all began when a man called Vincent Clarke, born July 3rd 1960 as Vincent John Martin, in Basildon, Essex, UK. He placed an add in Melody Maker magazine. The year was 1985 and Vince had already had chart success as a songwriter for Depeche Mode, The Assembly and his pairing with Alison Moyet as Yazoo.

He was looking for a singer with a touch of magic and knew he'd found it when Andrew Ivan Bell born April 25th, 1964 in Peterborough, UK stopped singing at the end of his audition. The oldest of six children, Andy was the 42nd person to be auditioned by Vince. Andy was previously in two bands before erasure, The Void and Dinger.

Their first single called "Who Needs Love Like That" was released in October of 1985 and was written by Vince and although it didn't send them resounding chart success, it put them on the road to fame and fortune. Two more singles were released that year, "Heavenly Action" and "Oh L'Amour", then in June 1986 Erasure released their first album called "Wonderland" which gave them an entry into the album charts.

Erasure hit the road and their live concerts were a great success. It was their earlier single "Sometimes" released in October 1986, which gave them outstanding chart success because by December of that year it had reached No.2 in the UK. Pretty soon they were all over the TV, all over the papers, all over the charts and all over the World.

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