Erasure Midi Files

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These midi files were all sequenced by me and are exclusive to this site! Check out my new Omnisphere Library, which includes patches, updated and brand new midi files & stems.

They were recorded using Music-X, (More About Music-X & Screenshots Here) Music-X is a sequencing program for the Amiga and is the closet you can get to Vince Clarke's UMI sequencer for the BBC computer. They have been recorded using different time signatures and timing offsets to give the closest feel and tempo to the original songs, for example "La Gloria" has been recorded using a time signature of 5/16. Because of the nature of how Music-X works you can get some wonderful effects using different time signatures which can't normally be done using PC sequencers, maybe that's why Vince likes his BBC computer just as I like the Amiga, it makes the music unique because not everyone will have a copy of Music-X and certainly not the UMI sequencer Vince uses. Using different time signatures also lets me keep track of who's using the midi sequences.

Some of the midi files don't have melody lines this is because I didn't have time and I used to use them for backing tracks for the Erasure Tribute Band I was in, It's a bit of a come down thou listening to them as midi files because the original sequences were sent through Sound Modules and samplers. I've done my best in converting them to midi files, but could still do with a bit of work with program changes.

These files are for personal use only and are not to be included in other websites for download. Feel free to use them in your own erasure compositions. You can also download them from this website...

There has been a lot of work put into these sequences and those of you who do your own sequencing will know how much work does go in:-)

You may also want to do a Google search for John J Holden has he has done some fantastic erasure midi files that I donít have here.
NOTE: Some of these midi files may not sound correctly on some pc sound cards due the nature of the program changes in the sequences. Please Check out my new Omnisphere Library, which includes patches, updated and brand new midi files & stems.