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Music-X was in my opinion the best midi sequencer for the Amiga and was probably the nearest thing you could get to Vince Clarke's UMI sequencer for the BBC computer. Music-X was written and created by David Joiner and was written on the Amiga computer. Music-X was released by Microillusions back in 1989 the last version being 2.0 which had a few more features such as groove quantize.

Music-X has the ability to use samples too in its sequences albeit only 8 bit, but if your samples are clean enough they can sound great. I personally didnít use the samples, as I could enough good sounds from my sound modules and keyboards. Music X was a very powerful sequencer for its time with resolution of a 192 ppqn.

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David Joiner Explaining Some Of The Music X Features

I found it very hard to adjust to PC based sequencing software, I started to use Cakewalk Express, but just couldnít get the hang of it so turned back to the Amiga again. It wasnít until Sonar first came out that I really made the permanent switch, as much as I loved music X, I thought it was time to move with the times and I havenít looked back since, Now I use Sonar Producer and soft synths to do all my music work.